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Workplace injuries or illnesses can have many devastating effects on workers and their families. Unable to work, many workers find themselves struggling to pay bills and basic living expenses. Emotionally, an injury or illness can put a great deal of strain on the worker. Thankfully, workers can look to the state’s workers’ compensation system for assistance. The work comp system provides a variety of benefits for most full and part time employees injured on the job.

What happens when the system denies a worker benefits? For many workers, being denied work comp benefits is a hard reality of dealing with the system. Of the hundred of thousands of claims filed each year in the state, many are denied.

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Why are work comp claims denied? All claims are put through the Utilization Process (UR). During the UR process, claim administrators review the claim and determine if a request for care is necessary. If claim administrators find insufficient evidence to support the request for care, the claim is denied. There are many reasons a claim may not be approved, however, many of them are often invalid or can be disputed.

If your claim was denied, do not lose hope. You can dispute the decision through a process known as the Independent Medical Review (IMR) process. The IMR process allows independent doctors and healthcare providers to review the request for care – not administrators working for the insurance company.

Keep in mind, the doctors and healthcare providers assigned to a claim only know of the claimant and his or her situation through what information is provided to them. In many cases, the information supplied is not enough to give a complete “picture” of a worker’s situation and therefore, prevents the initial decision from being overturned.

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If you decide to appeal the initial decision, you should not attempt the IMR process without the representation of an aggressive work injury lawyer at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group. They will represent you on your behalf, and make sure your condition and the circumstances surrounding your condition are clearly stated. Let them fight for your legal rights so you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together after suffering a devastating workplace injury or illness.

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To reach a top  notch work injury attorney at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group in San Bernardino , call 909-475-3009 right now. When you call, a member of our caring team will connect you with a workers’ compensation lawyer in our group, immediately.

Every case is taken on a no win, no fee guarantee and you will not be charged a fee for the initial case review. Act now before strict deadlines prevent you from appealing the insurance company’s initial decision!